Thursday, 26 July 2012

There you come............... Welcome home freshers

“How would be the crowd?, How would be the faculty?, Will I end up making good friends??????? What about seniors and ragging??? Oh my God!!! Tomorrow is my first day at college……………” and hell lot of mind boggling thoughts while we are about to start a new life @ a new college. When I wonder about my time when I was a fresher, it was almost the same, a feeling of verve, ecstasy, nervousness, modesty, rather a blend of all the feelings that make you feel butterflies in your stomach. But with high spirits we enter the college to make new friends, have an enjoyable life, and most importantly become MBA professionals for what we are here. For some, seniors are the most traumatic thing when we enter as a fresher but not @ JBS folks. You are free here to interact with your seniors. THEREFORE WELCOME TO THE FAMILY AND FEEL LIKE HOME….. ☺
So freshers its time to be ebullient because we all have with us, our set of missions, this is the time to let free and chase your dream. As @ JBS you get best of the faculty and environment to cultivate your dream. Even if I say that, I won’t be entirely wrong – these two years are the deciding two years of your life. This is a new start, a beginning to something new. These two years give us an opportunity to become someone we never were … for perhaps we can never be. But at least we can try to. None the less, explore yourself, extend your limits, challenge your capabilities… take part in as many activities as you can, meet as many people you can… express yourself. Spread your wings of freedom. But in this endeavour, be responsible, do not lose your track, remain the kind of person, your true friends wish you to be.
But apart from ONLY studies JBS gives you an opportunity for many extra activities. Freshers’ party, the 1st function organised for you people. Then you have the cultural night where you can rock the JBS audi with your dazzling performances. Following this is the JBS mall which is the best marketing activity one could have in a college. Later comes the time to say adieu to your seniors. Last but not the least will be the annual fest (christened as Impressions in 2012) which continues for 3 days. So keep yourself ready for all the upcoming events BUT do not forget your core mission – STUDIES!

BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Gazal Katiyar(2011-13)

Monday, 23 July 2012

JBS Extravaganza

The canvas of life is never complete without the colours of student life in it. These colours always portray an exuberant part of our lives. So,  here I make a grand revelation about the “Beginning of a new end”. To keep it straight this is all about the last year of our student life –for most of us if not all of us.
Our lives at JBS have not been of Ups n downs but of huge hills and downright valleys. Almost everybody would agree if I say that nothing’s more fun than entering the classroom fifteen minutes late and still being able to get yourself marked present in the web kiosk. Also, how can I not mention the heavy eye lids craving for sleep in the very first lecture which is a result of late night face booking of course. We’ve seen it all the fresher, the mid terms, end terms and not just this we’ve also faced deadly competition. Competition not of being a nine pointer but competition of being able to get a consistent 6 pointer.
This was about the working hours of the college. Now i have to talk about our “working hours” that may begin from ten o’ clock in the night but have no limit to end. Here I’m indicating towards the hostel life at JBS; which just can’t be ignored. Sorry boys!! As I do not have much idea about how your how your hostel life has been, though I’m sure it was much more fun than ours. I’ll be talking about the hostel life at the girls’ hostel. To begin with.... well! This is no news to anyone that studies never happen @ hostel. After all there are much more prodigious things to do; making coffee at midnight being the favourite rather than drinking it and cherishing its taste. Somehow girls always have the habit of flaunting whether it be their clothes or their talents. Let’s not forget what fun it is to bring  a cake for the birthday girl and not even allow her to get a bite of it. Loud music, disastrous dance performances, bitching-  name it and you’ll get it in the hostel; and being able to do it in a melodramatic manner is something that the world needs to learn from us. I will leave it at this point by saying that their are some things that words can’t describe.
Now, here we are at the beginning of the second year with the “seniority effect” coming in. Times have arrived when most of our batch mates are seen advising their juniors about the various unforeseen instances which we have obviously experienced and which will surely be coming their way soon.
It is that juncture when very soon companies will arrive for placements and this realisation has already dawned upon us. The hopes are sky high as each one of us wants to reach the pinnacle but it is always difficult to leave behind what has been so much a part of you.
Therefore I wish all the luck to my dear friends that they may have a lurid time in JBS and outside it.                                                                                                                                                                                   

Akansha Gaur (JBS 2011-13)


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Jaypee Business School events- 2012

1. JBS Admissions 2012 (Feb 18 & 20 and March 19 & 20, 2012)

It was the time of the year when Jaypee Business School opens its arms to welcome new students in its family. JBS announced its admission procedure to be carried out in a span of two days, starting on 19th March 2012. Over 600 students were shortlisted for admissions and had to undergo two stages of procedure to get a seat in this privileged institute. Our Group discussion panel, consisting of JBS faculty and the externals from the industry, handled the sessions efficiently and ensured that the verbal and written communication went on smoothly. The next stage, that is the Personal interview, was held under Honorable Director Ms. Neerja Pande’s guidance. The student coordinators both from the JBS 1st year as well as JIIT Dual Degree batch were instrumental in handling all the sundry jobs given to them and ensuring that the whole process was a success. While the students await the results with a bated breath, we will make sure that the new students entering the JBS family get the best level of education and placements that our institute is known for.
Next round of admission is on April 16, 2012.

2. 1st JBS – Alumni Interaction “MILAAP- 2012” (February 19, 2012)
They say, “Distance makes the hearts grow fonder…” With our JBS Alumni association, we aim to unite the whole JBS family together to dissolve the gaps, voids and distances. A tree may grow longer and stronger, but to be attached firmly to its roots is what gives it inner strength and self-belief. Searching and connecting to those roots is important time and again. MILAAP 2012 provided that platform to the Alumni to connect with their Alma Mater. The 1st ever JBS Alumni meet was held on 19th February 2012, and was a grand success with several students, both past and present, coming together to strengthen the life-long bond with the Institute. This alumni association will not only serve as an opportunity to forge bonds, but will also provide a platform for the exchange of academic views and valuable corporate experiences which can act as a guiding light for the future of the present students. There was a formal interactions
session and an informal session- Meet, greet and tweet, wherein many students put up great performances and enthralled the audience. The student coordinators joined hands and worked tirelessly to ensure the event was a super success. JBS Alumni Association is looking forward to putting up many more great sessions in future.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

JBS Mall

JBS MALL was organised on 10th September 08 (Wednesday) in Aryabhatt Bhavan
II (JBS). 11 teams had participated in this mega event. The mall attracted a foot fall of more than 1500 comprising dignitaries from management, faculty, staff & students of

Our sincere thanks to Dr. Mohan Agarwal, Director, Jaypee Business School for
leading us and motivating us to make this event a grand success. We also thank all the
faculty members of JBS & JIIT for their support and guidance.

Independence Day Celebrations (14th August 2008)

The occasion started with the customary welcome of our honorable Director Sir, Dr. Mohan Agarwal, and senior faculty members.

Sir then greeted the students with an inspiring speech, motivating and encouraging the spirit of patriotism among all students highlighting the true sense of independence.
This was followed by a patriotic song, “ae mere pyare watan …” by Rajeev Sharma (1st year student) which was truly applauded by all

Thereafter came a captivating presentation on the great Mangal Pandey, by our youngest faculty member, M/s Vinky Sharma Ma’am, highlighting the struggle and sacrifices made by him during the revolt of 1857.

Next was the turn of our youngest student Meenakshi Upadhyay to share some of her feelings on the occasion.
Following the speech was a performance based upon the meaning of Independence Day on the youth of today by the first year students which included a skit and a group dance on the song ‘Vande Mataram’ emphasizing on the comparison between the feelings of the youth of today and the youth of pre independence era (Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, etc.) towards Independence Day.

Towards the end was the vote of thanks to Director Sir and faculty members for not only coming to the programme but also for their constant guidance and our seniors for their enthusiasm and support.

The programme concluded with the traditional National Anthem.

List of participants (1st year)

1. Megha Puri and Karan Mehta (emcee)

2. Rajeev Sharma ( song)

3. Meenakshi Upadhyay (youngest JBS student)

4. Anshul Soman, Neha Batta, Nupur Bansal, Priya Patil, Punit Aggarwal, Sandip Goyal, Shweta Pandey, Suchi Arora, Vaibhav Sharma ( Skit and Group Dance)

JBS Final Placement Week-October 12-18,2008

Jaypee Business School is about to host its first ever Final Placement week
this Month (October 12-18, 2008). Some of the companies that have
already confirmed their participation in the Week are as follows:-

 Radico Khaitan
 HCL Technologies
 HCL Infosystems
 Jaypee Associates
 Remorphing
 Era Construction
 Nucleus Software
 Microclinic India Ltd
 India Mart
 Saamag Retail

We have a multi-talented and multi-skilled batch. Hence, we are in dialogue with
many more companies to make sure everyone gets the right fit employment.

Following companies visited campus for summer internship placement:

 Aditya Birla
 Airoil Clear Gas Pvt.Ltd
 Bajaj Allianz
 BPL, Allahabad
 Dabur India Ltd.
 ICICI Bank
 India Bulls
 Infoedge
 Jay Prakash Associates Ltd.
 Mas Export Pvt, Ltd
 Parwaanu Electronic
 Radico Khaitan
 Reliance Life Insurance
 Siemens Nokia
 Softcell
 TeamCvoter
 Tracker IT
 Unitech

Sachin Tendulkar in JBS

The Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar visited the Jaiprakash Sabhagar at the JBS on April 14, 2009 to endorse the Jaypee cement and unveil the new advertising campaign of:

JAYPEE CEMENT – “Andar Se Solid”* New campaign looks to redefine the concept of solidity and trust with an emotional connect that the Jaypee Group has come to be known for* “Andar se Solid” as the tagline to consolidate the brand’s core values of Trust, Resilience & Stability and the brand’s core promise of superior strength, durability and withstanding the test of time* Campaign would reinforce and further build on the brand’s virtues of strength, endurance and fortitude – values that shall propel Jaypee Cement to a capacity of 25 million tonnes by 2010 and then 35 million tonnes per annum by 2011* Jaypee Cement is India’s 3rd largest cement player and To communicate the company’s leadership stature and premium positioning, an aggressive multimedia campaign has been drawn upJaypee Cement – India’s leading cement brand, today launched its new brand campaign and announced its association with the Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar. The new campaign looks to redefine the concept of solidity and trust with an emotional connect that has come to be associated with all Jaypee Group campaigns.Welcoming Sachin to the Jaypee family, Mr. Manoj Gaur, Executive Chairman, Jaypee Group, said, “Sachin and Jaypee Cement, are a perfect fit as they stand for similar values of inner strength, endurance and everlasting performance. These values have spurred both to set new benchmarks and made good the dreams and aspirations of all those who believe in Sachin Tendulkar & Jaypee Cement.The new campaign showcases the brand’s core values of stability and resilience as well as the promise of endurance and unyielding performance. The essence of the campaign lies in the analogy between Sachin and Jaypee Cement – deriving their iconic stature unblemished reputation from their inner strength, grit and indomitable spirit. The campaign captures Sachin in a manner like never before – as one who has withstood the tests of time and challenges.Speaking on the occasion, Sachin Tendulkar said “I firmly believe that trust and stability are essential for building a solid and enduring partnership. I am truly delighted to begin a long innings with another like-minded and gritty player, Jaypee Cement!”Jaypee Cement with commissioned capacity of over 13.5 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) is a brand leader in its current marketing zone, consisting of Central and parts of Northern India. The Company has undertaken a bold expansion plan to achieve a 35 MTPA capacity by 2011 – one of the fastest organic expansions worldwide in the cement industry. Jaypee Cement is poised to achieve a pan – India presence and cement the dreams & aspirations of a billion Indians, quite like the Master Blaster himself.More than 3000 students, guests and senior professional from the Jaypee group graced the occasion.